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Wildlife is our passion, we strive to give the best care for our animals. We are situated in Limpopo, Gravelotte, where the students and vets will work on the farm PP Maré and with a variety of wildlife species.

Why work with one vet, if you can work with more than one vet, on different species in a safe and controlled environment. We are with you on the ground and available to support you every step of the way. Our veterinary program can offer you opportunities to deepen and enrich your veterinary education with hands-on experience. The aim of our program is to help you develop new skills, gain valuable work experience. Our focus is practical experience, as a participant in the program your hands-on experience will be unmatched, allowing you to get your "hands dirty".

While completing your program, you'll expand your horizons and be immersed in the daily goings-on of a destination, giving you exposure that you simply wouldn't get as a regular tourist. It's ok to admit that part of the reason for finding a program abroad is to combine work and play - and that is what Livingstone Experience program offers.

Canopy tours, over-night stay in the Kruger National Park, Panorama route, darting from a helicopter, staying in a Big Five reserve ect.

Best of all we offer extra tours of just fun and exploring the beautiful Africa

Our goal is for you to leave your home country with an even greater passion for veterinary and desire to share your experience with others when you return home.


Dorothee Schiltz

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Veterinarian and student placement coordinator


Rita Piso

Wildlife Veterinarian


Sandro Volpes

    Veterinarian and Lecturer

    Meet The Team


    Jurie van Zyl

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    Alize van Zyl

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    Co-Director and Operation Manager


    Jana Human

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    Tour guide

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